Focused on meaningful habit change

My name is Magdalena

I am a certified Health Coach and founder of
Your Happy Healthy Life.

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a person with a passion for health and personal growth, and a deep desire to help others transform their lives for the better.

A Health Coach is a motivator, guide, accountability partner, inspirer, confidante, cheerleader, resource, champion for your personal success and well-being — all rolled into one! 

Above all a Health Coach is a master of habit change.

Why habit change?

Some scientists believe that up to 95% of human behaviour is a result of habit. Between our endless to-do lists we are living lives that are lead by our destructive habits, too often sacrificing our well being, health and happiness. Even when we recognize the need for healthy eating and regular exercise, we get too overwhelmed with the habitual changes we NEED to make which leaves us feeling stuck and hopeless.

This is where I come in and my role as a Health Coach is to:

  • help you build healthy habits that align with how you want to feel every day
  • make you see life through fresh eyes
  • stretch you to achieve goals you never dreamt were possible
  • help you find what is right for your unique body type
  • make it easy for you to follow through in a way you have not been able to before.


Whether you want to lose weight, get more energy, introduce more movement into your daily routine, reduce stress, adopt a healthier lifestyle or prevent chronic disease, this program will allow you to achieve your health goals and replace old destructive habits with ones that make you feel happier and healthier every day.

The program includes 10 weekly group sessions which are designed to provide a positive, judgement free zone and my job is to offer support, knowledge and give ideas and inspiration.

Session topics include: how and what to eat, when to eat, eating under stress, honouring hunger and fullness, introducing more movement, learning to recognize self-sabotage behaviours, techniques for managing stress.

Included in the program is an additional 30 minute long one to one online session with every client.

Price: £150 for the whole program or three payments of £60

To book please contact: Magdalena Reeves

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